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Kelly Green
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I danced with the king the night he was assassinated. I shared the warmth of a cave with a lion on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. I found the cardinal's egg and earned a million thanks. A blue snake crawled over my right foot and blessed me in the depths of the Tennessee forest. A star exploded outside my window and I wept with joy from the heat. I have a tattoo pressed into my skin, but I won't disclose where, or of what. It's personal.

Jude-Marie Green (fiction)
Dancing On The Corpse of The World, Ruins Metropolis, Hadley Rille Books, May 2008
Weapons of Mass Destruction, Desolate Places, Hadley Rille Books, December 2007
Methodology, Every Day Fiction, November 2007
Hang Twenty, Sporty Spec, edited by Karen Romanko, October 2007
Wild Mountain Freesia, Legends of the Mountain State, edited by Michael Knost, October 2007
What Happens Next, Ideomancer
September 2007
Feeding The Crows, Sam's Dot Publishing, July 2007
Derelict, Visual Journeys, edited by Eric Reynolds, July 2007
In The Season of Blue Storms*, Abyss&Apex Issue 17, 1st Quarter 2006
Til The Wildness Cried Aloud, Say, Why Aren't We Crying?, Spring 2004

Kelly Green (nonfiction)
InterAction (WorldCon 2005) Convention Report, The Drink Tank Issue 39
LosCon 2005 Convention Report, The Drink Tank Issue 55
100 Words on Coffee, The Drink Tank Issue 64
Potlatch (Seattle 2006) Convention Report, SF/SF Issue 19
LACon IV (WorldCon 2006) Convention Report, The Drink Tank Issue 96
JayCon report, The Drink Tank Issue 136

*In The Season of Blue Storms was selected as a Notable Story of 2006 by StorySouth.
This story has also won an honorable mention from Gardner Dozois in his 24th Annual Year's Best Science Fiction.