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1. Writers of the Future Honorable Mention. Oh well. Next quarter ends June 30. I have a story for it.

2. Two tasks to accomplish this morning and I JUST managed to complete them before the noon hour. Jeez.

3. Write-a-thon, Clarion West, has a donation challenge we're trying to meet. If 300 people sign up, we get extra money. We need about another 50 people to sign up! Do you write? Are you a poet/flash writer/short story artist/novelist? Memoirist? Non fiction author? Ultimately one of your friends will sponsor you, but don't worry about the money now. Just sign up, the rest will happen.

4. Clarion San Diego Write-a-Thon. Same same as above. Join up.

5. Gonna make some muffins. Strawberry muffins. Plum muffins. Because I can.

6. Watching 2nd season of WALKING DEAD (mostly because I haven't gotten the third season dvd set yet.) I love this soap opera! End of the world, zombies, blood and guts, and love affairs :)

I have been watching "The X-Files," and I'm into season 8. I still don't like Doggett but I like him better now than I did back when. He makes Scully seem in need of "helpless female" rescuing in a way that Mulder never did.

Yes, I have the movies. I'm not a huge fan of the movies, but they're part of the story. One of the neat things about watching the series like this, in a marathon, is discovering details that went by too fast before. Mulder is Oxford-educated. Scully had an affair with a married man. Cigarette Man (Cancer Man, The Smoking Man, CGBSpender) was pathetic more than scary, just terribly immoral. Mulder's sister, Samantha, was a red-herring. I love The Lone Gunman now even more than before. And people move on.

Gillian Anderson, btw, is now playing Hannibal Lector's psychiatrist in the tv series, HANNIBAL (which I'm enjoying. Tonight's the season finale.) I'm liking her white-blonde hair. and her precise way of speaking.

7. Off to write.


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