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Potlatch Friday

Free Association, by Henry Gibson Jude-Marie Green

Easy bus ride door to door. Domain Hotel: urban neighborhood outside, open spaces inside. Insides decorated a la Trading Spaces: color, bamboo, yesterday's cutting edge. Staff puppy dog pleasant and checked in at 7am! Nice big room, nice big bed, icicles hanging from mirrors. Wall thermostat push-button function.

Free breakfast, great service, time for a bath to remove Greyhound stink. Work on workshop crits, write some, read some, surf some. Room is ten feet from registration; drop off auction donations and chat with Kerri and Peggy Rae. Lunch with Jay Lake and various ruffians at local Korean bbq leaves stomach displeased and prompts trip to supermarket one block away. Luckys has OTC I need plus the discount roses I don't need but desire, oh so nice.

Great dealer room: I love the smell of bookprint in the morning. Smells like ideas. Borderlands Press rules! Jewelry diadems are actually necklaces; who will buy the steampunk version? And chocolates! They know how to keep customers happy.

Sitting in lobby waiting on the convention. Jay and Erin Cashier and Julie and Howard Hendrix and Lucy and URSULA K. LEGUIN!

It's 6pm, do you know where your registration is? Shannon shows and Paul, David Levine and Dave Gallaher, and the group breaks and reforms and plans dinner. Eww, dinner. Pass. 7pm and the opening panel discusses "Growing Up Weightless," tries with yeomanlike staunchness to defend that endless story as brilliant.gamers.response to Heinlein's "Moon Is A Harsh Mistress." Whatever. Conference room FREEZING, dash ten feet to retrieve my wool coat from room.

Schmooze with Deirdre and her husband Rick and Vylar Kaftan and Bill Humphries in a silly hat and Craig Henson (might be Hanson) and Alyson who has political insights of fundraising. Beat a hasty retreat to con suite, room 301, large and full and foodalicious with cheese, champagne, truffles. I like the selection of beer. Gonna overindulge in the selection of beer.

There's Diana Sherman. Apologize; apology accepted. Discuss "Where's Frank?!" and wish him well. Talk with Jim (yes, that Jim) but he wants to be an old man. Time to let him be. Engrossing conversation with David Levine about the "Alien" saga; hey, there's someone in the world who didn't know I'm an alien fan!

11:30pm sounds early but perhaps time to blow the scene. Good night all. See you tomorrow.

The End.

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