Kelly Green (saycestsay) wrote,
Kelly Green

Literary Orange and STARBUCKS forever!

The seminar yesterday went as expected. Perhaps 500 women in business attire (and a few men) and me in jeans and tie-dye. No, not a clothing faux pas, but a calculated risk: I wanted to stand out. Oh boy did I.

So, they fed us breakfast (Starbucks coffee with flavor syrups, half n half, yum), juice, water, tea, yogurt, fruit, granola (!), bagels with cream cheese, muffins, sliced sweet bread, coffee cake.

Then they talked to us for a while. I met up with Shauna Roberts (another Hadley Rille author!) and we went into the science fiction panel with David Brin and Vernor Vinge. Nothing earth-shattering there (ha!) but still interesting. Dick, the man in charge of the Orange County Science Fiction Club, was there collecting autographs and subsequently asked Shauna and me to have a signing party at one of the club meetings. Did I say "YES!" fast enough? I believe so.

Then we had lunch. Very nice green salad with tomato confetti and spaghettini squash and bread rolls and butter; bow-tie pasta with vegetables and chicken and a lovely cheese sauce; chocolate bombe dessert; ice tea and water and oh! rather sweet coffee mugs.

Then the next panel, starring Gregory Benford and Larry Niven (Dr. Benford says he remembers me from the Campbell Conference; we talked for a few minutes about the CERN silliness and black hole generation. Larry Niven was quite dismissive of the CERN concern: "I wrote about that possibility ten years ago!" he said.)

Then more food: they'd put out fruit and juice and ice tea for us, plus more Starbucks.

The last panel was supposed to be about literary writing but instead was two historical romance authors lauding each other's good sense and intelligence. Quite boring. I'd had some hopes of getting an answer to the question, why bother with literary writing which goes nowhere?... but no. These women wwere not capable of answering a deep question. Um, they said so. Not just my prejudice.

And then there was more Starbucks, a white chocolate fondue, and petit-fours.

Kelly is STILL full. And the Starbucks hasn't worn off yet!

After the seminar, Jim and I went to see "The Ruins," and yeah it's pretty awful (please don't go watch it, we don't want to encourage that kind of thing.) I guess the worst part is that, with a few plot/scripting changes, this might have been a cool movie. But no. Just as bad as the novel (with a couple of changes.) I swear I'm gonna write a better version of it, see if I don't!

Then Jim and I went to Starbucks for a while to dissect the movie and talk.

Time for a garage sale.

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