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2013 Publications
What, is it that time of year again? Here's my list:


Far, Far From Land, Menial: Skilled Labor In Science Fiction, January 2013 (science fiction short story, printed and e-book, editors Kelly Jennings and Shay Darrach)

A Three Percent Chance He'll Ever Know I Lied, Penumbra Magazine, February 2013. (science fantasy, short story, e-book,
(This story won me the 2013 Speculative Literature Foundation's Older Writers Grant. If you haven't read it, I can send you a copy.)

Cannath's Coins, Every Day Fiction, March 17, 2013, (flash fiction, fantasy,

Morning Glories, Perihelion, 10/12/13 (science fiction, short story,

Far, Far From Land, World Jumping Anthology, Eric Reynolds, Editor, December 2013 (reprint)

So, one flash, 3 short stories, and a reprint. I guess that isn't TERRIBLE. I think "A Three Percent Chance" is the best of the lot, and I truly love "Far, Far From Land," and "Morning Glories" was better before I edited it to a word limit but it's still darned good.

I'm not eligible for the Campbell award... no qualifying sales yet ever. But the Hugo.... I think "Three Percent" should have had better critical notice.


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