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However, if you have a freind who lives in Europe....they can be sent to said friend and then mailed to your friend upon arrival....

...just saying.....

Misty, I asked my friend if he wanted to do that. He declined :( Not sure why, and I'll bring it up again. And, um, thanks :)

In all seriousness, look at Japanese manufacturers. Sometimes one learns these lessons the hard way. (Pardon the pun there...)

Thanks, Janna. I'll pass that idea along. But there appears to be an embargo against inporting the medical devices if they aren't sized the way the FDA requires. I just don't understand why the FDA is requiring this kind of sizing.

I believe, though on no particular evidence, that "Asian fit" condoms are sold at some outlets, designed for a slimmer penis. Might that help?

I'll pass it along. Thanks, Jay :)

At one time, there was a T-shirt store in the Castro I really liked. One shirt I got there, for a special friend, had a horizontal line across it and said, "you must be at least this tall to ride this ride."

Those teeshirts are still widely available :)

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